Hapy Kitchen Voted #1 by High Times for their AMAZING edibles.


THC Recreation Station prides itself on partnering with the best producers in Oregon.  We hand pick our merchandise in order to guarantee our customers and clients the best products on the market.  Not to long ago we partnered with the Hapy Kitchen brand to bring their incredible edibles into our store!!!

Hapy Kitchen offers artisan baked goods from sweet treats to tasty tinctures.  They produce some of the best,  award-winning, focused-spectrum cannabis edibles in Oregon. By combining quality Oregonian cannabis, superior food ingredients, and terpenes, they produce great tasting products with a predictable effect that consumers can trust again and again. Hapy Kitchen offers a range of edible products from tinctures, to hard candy and award winning brownies, Plus much more!!

THC Recreation Station would love to congratulate them on earning this AWARD!! They truly are a brand that deserves it. Their products are incredible!!!



Because of this great award THC Recreation Station would love to offer their products to our customers at an AMAZING 35% off DISCOUNT.

So for 1 day only, January 29th, 2021 you can come on by the Station and try one of their amazing brownies for the first time, or pick up some of your favorites from the Hapy Kitchen line of goodies for and incredible 35% off.  This includes all their hard candies, candy bars, cookies and brownies.  Tinctures are not included in this offer but there is plenty more to try.

The Station will also be offering the regular FOODIE FRIDAY discount of 10% off all of our edibles.  Don’t miss out!! Get them before they are gone!!!