Deals & Discounts

We have four shelves of premium flower ranging from $3.00-$10 a gram before tax. Our joint case is filled with pre-rolls starting at $4.00 before tax every single day! We keep a wide variety of extracts and cartridges to suit any budget, and Salem’s best edible and drinks selection including medical grade edibles. 

Don’t miss out on our daily deals and everyday discounts. We offer the finest extracts, concentrates, flower and edibles with the best pricing! Also, THC Recreation Station Salem now has loyalty stamp cards! Fill your card with 10 stamps and apply it towards 15% off your next purchase. We give you a stamp with every visit and offer triple stamps (3X) if you purchase daily deal’s brand or product featured that day:

  • Entourage Cannabis Mondays – 30% off Entourage’s premium Dabs, Cartridges, and Pre-rolls plus you get 3x stamps when you buy their brand. Also, you can save 10% off all other cartridges
  • Buddies/Patient’s Tuesdays – 30% off Buddies Brand & 3x stamps and 20% off FECO/RSO
  • Wyld Wednesdays – 40% off WYLD Medical & Recreational Products and WYLD CBD THC-Free and you get 3x loyalty stamps!
  • Avitas Thursdays – 30% off Avitas, Better and Hellavated products & 3x stamps!
  • Foodie Fridays – 40% off ALL Hapy Kitchen products! 10% off all other edibles.
  • Shatterday Saturday By Concrete Jungle – 30% off ALL Concrete Jungle, 20% off ALL extracts & 3x stamps for Concrete Jungle!
  • Meraki Sundays – ALL Meraki Gardens, Tinctures, and Drinks are 10% Off. Also, Exhale and HUSH Cartridges are 30% Off. 3X Stamps For Meraki Purchases too!

EVERYDAY discounts include:

  • First Step Patient – If you have gone through our OMMP Registration Clinic at 1st Step Clinic, then ask for your 10% clinic family pricing!
  • Commuter Discount – If you commute 10 minutes or more you get 10% off!
  • First Responders, Teachers & Civil Servant Discount – All First Responders, All Civil Servant and All teachers no matter your location receive 10% off!
  • Reppin’ the Station – If you wear any of our Merch or rep any of our swag gear receive 10% off!
  • Veterans Discount – Veterans receive 10% off!
  • Seasoned Smoker Discount – 55 and older receive 10% off!
  • Review Discount – Give us a review on Leafly, Dutchie, Weedmaps or Google & receive 10% off!
  • Full Stamp Card – 15% off your entire purchase!
  • Birthday Discount – 10% off your entire purchase and grab a gift from our birthday jar!
  • Cannabis Family Discount – Show Your OLCC Worker’s Permit or identification indicating that you are cannabis industry connected.

Discounts can be stacked up to 25% off per visit!

There are very few items in our shop that cannot be discounted.

Take a look at our online menu! There, you can browse our entire inventory of products with photos of our actual inventory!