Hapy Kitchen Friday Sales!!!!


THC RECREACTION STATION is please to announce that our

Hapy Kitchen Brownie and Edible sale

last Friday the 29th of January was a huge success.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for coming out to help us celebrate the Award Winning Hapy Kitchen Brownies and all their other fantastic edibles.

WE did such a good job with our sale we have decided to offer it EVERY Friday until further notice.

That is awesome right?

          35% off their amazing             foodies Every Friday

(excluding their liquid edibles).

So let make every Friday amazing for all of us!!

Remember THC RECREATION STATION is open from 10am-10pm on Friday and everyday day of the week also, so this gives you plenty of time on Friday to come stock up on all your Hapy Kitchen Brownies and all their other goodies to.  I personally recommend their cookies, they are insanely good.

And if you in a hurry you can still order by phone at 503-391-8214 or here on our website under the menu tab for curb-side or in-store pick up!!