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Very friendly customer service. They do a good job of making you feel comfortable. They have price ranges suitable for people on budget or who want top shelf flower.

-Katherine, Google Review

Love this place! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I’ve had zero problems with any of the product I’ve ever bought here. Two thumbs up from me!

-Jenn, Leafly Review

We Believe In

All People, All Safe, All The Time

Love, Nature Quest


Established in 2013 under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act signed by voters in 1998; we don’t have to claim OG because we have proven it. For a long time, we have been partnered with the best producers (growers) and processors (labs) in Oregon including Meraki, Avitas, Cascade High, CBDiscovery, White Label, Artifact, Beehive, Dr. Jollys, Sacred Herb, Lunchbox, Beatniks, Uplifted, Empower, Gron and more! We don’t mean to boast, but ask any of these friends, or any of those we serve about our character. You will find that we are honest, compassionate and dedicated. We are their “home” and are known as the “Cheers” of the cannabis industry here in Oregon. Not only do we have the most competitive prices and best customer service in Oregon but we also offer daily deals! We love saving you money each day of the week. Speaking of each day of the week, we are open every day! Yes, 365 days of the year! Yes, every holiday from 10am to 10pm! We are always here for you!

We are the type of business that founded the Cannabis Industry. That small mom-and-pop shop with the moxie to fly 2 fingers in the air and do what is right. Disclaimer: Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of cannabis. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.

Welcome to The Station

We have four shelves of premium flower ranging from $5-$10 a gram before tax. Our joint case is filled with pre-rolls starting at $4.00 before tax every single day! We keep a wide variety of extracts and cartridges to suit any budget, and have a huge edible selection including medical grade edibles! 

Don’t miss out on our daily vendor specials. We offer our finest extracts, concentrates, flower and edibles at a discount to you! And, THC Recreation Station Salem now has loyalty stamp cards! Fill your card with 10 stamps and apply it towards 15% off your next purchase. We give you a stamp with every visit and offer triple stamps (3X) if you purchase the vendor brand of the day:

  • Mo-Jave Monday’s – 20% off Mo-Jave half and full gram distillate cartridges, 3x stamps too!
  • Buddies Tuesday’s – 20% off ANY Buddies Brand products & ANY 1G RSO, 3x stamps too!
  • Wyld Wednesday’s – $1.50 off 10-pack WYLD edibles, 3x stamps too!
  • Avitas Thursday’s – 10% off Avitas flower & cartridges! Distillate and live resin! 3x stamps too!
  • Foodie Friday’s – 10% off edibles! 3x stamps for Smokiez purchase!
  • Shatterday Saturday’s – 20% off extracts (excludes NO DISCOUNT items), 3x stamps for Hush & Exhale purchase
  • Meraki Sunday’s – 10% off Meraki Gardens flower and pre-roll joints, 3x stamps too!

Additional savings include:
$5 OFF your Rick Simpson Type Oil (RSO) Full Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO) on Patient Tuesdays, and 20% OFF ALL Dabbables on Shatterday Saturdays!

EVERYDAY Special discounts include:

  • Clinic Family Discount – If you have gone through our OMMP Registration Clinic at 1st Step Clinic, then ask for your 10% clinic family pricing!
  • Commuter Discount – If you commute from outside of Salem let us know and get 10% off!
  • Veterans Discount – Veterans receive 10% off!
  • Seasoned Smoker Discount – 55 and older receive 10% off!
  • Review Discount – Give us a review on Leafly or Google & receive 10% off!
  • Full Stamp Card – 15% off your entire purchase!

Discounts can be stacked up to 25% off per visit!

There are very few items in our shop that cannot be discounted.

Take a look at our online menu below! There, you can browse our entire inventory of products with photos of our actual inventory!

In a hurry? Place an online order today! 
Simply choose your product online, reserve it and pickup when you want! We will have it ready to go!