Can You Smell What's Cooking At The Station?


    12 April2022

  •    Client:

    Nature Quest

  •    Posted by:

    Charles McLain

It’s that time of the year again where we all celebrate this special day. This day is so special we all come together like its a that 70’s show and there is nothing better then comradery and stoner shenanigan’s. We all know the best conversations stem from a good ole basement session. This day is so special all other holidays on this day are definitely unnoticed.

No disrespect to banana’s; you can still have your day, we will just include you by making a peanut butter and banana infused milkshake. We definitely don’t want to offend lima beans on Lima Bean Respect Day. Either I’m highly medicated or all these holidays are all starting to look alike day. Okay, all jokes aside and cheesy punch lines out of my mind we decided to celebrate it all!

Stop by the THC Recreation Station from 4/14 through 4/20 for our 4/20 Sale. Enjoy stocking up with 25% off Storewide. As well as, 50% off on Entourage Cannabis, Meraki Gardens, Hapy Kitchen, and WYLD.

We are also having a BBQ hot dog feed and 4/20 vendor pop-up day on 4/20 from 11am to 6pm. Definitely do not miss your chance to hang out with the crew and some of your favorite brands employees munching out on delicious food and chill vibes learning about your favorite brands.

We are also Still doing our Dr. Jolly’s 4/20 giveaway!! You have until April 29th to get your entries in. All you have to do is make a Dr. Jolly’s purchase and you will receive a raffle ticket. You take one side and staple the other side to your receipt with your information written on the back of raffle ticket. There is a display box that all the raffle ticket go into. A budtender will direct you to the display ox to put your raffle inside the box. Then you wait patiently for your chance to win a Dr. Jolly’s river float.