ITS OIL DAY!! 7/10 is here eveyone!


    05 July 2022

  •    Client:

    Nature Quest

  •    Posted by:

    Charles McLain

7/10 has quickly became our favorite holiday to celebrate. More so over the infamous “420” stoner holiday most commonly celebrated since the term was coined in the 70’s. To those who wonder why July 10th was chosen as the international cannabis concentrate/extract holiday date I will open your eyes! July 10th written in numeric form is written as so: 7/10, which can be read as 710. If you then flip the 710 version upside it spells OIL.

Thus, July 10th is the designated cannabis oil/concentrate/extract day. Many of us celebrate in our own fashion but it is a day that has gained wide acceptance around the world as quickly as sliced wonder bread blew the nations mind.

This Holiday brings all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts together. Some fancy a gram of premium cannabis infused with their choice of concentrates, others, a fat glob of the ickiest snot looking coma inducing badder that tastes of the great forbidden fruit garden of cannabis. Some take just the right size fore them millisecond hit that send them soaring through the clouds of comfortability and happiness.

Whatever your preference is we have you covered here at the Daily Rip. This Sunday choice is to whip out my new flower/dab combo bong. I will be packing the flower bowl clear to the brim with some top shelf flower from our purple shelf and dabbing at least half a gram out of the perfect temp banger to freshen up my lungs and hack out all the bad vibes of the start of this hectic year. If you need help to unwind let me tell you THC Recreation Station has you covered with a whopping 30% off storewide and 50% off Hapy Kitchen. Hush/Exhale, Sacred Herb and  WYLD Edibles. This is your chance to save big and stock up for this years 7/10!! WE HAVE 6* Rosin at 30% off people!! DOnt sleep the next 5 days!