You'll Find A Buddie At The Station Today


    12 April 2022

  •    Client:

    Nature Quest

  •    Posted by:

    Charles McLain

It’s Buddies and Patients Tuesday Everyone!
One of Oregon’s longest standing brands Buddies is sure to have your back like your best friend does always. With a wide variety of strains and products your sure to find the perfect fit. Buddies is truly rooted to the core elements of what west coast cannabis is. They understand quality and continuously showcase their craftsmanship with every product that leaves the farm. From seed to your hands they are ready and able to take care of every ailment you may need to conquer.

Stop by The THC Recreation Station today and enjoy 30% off your favorite buddies brand product while supplies last.

We are also thinking of all of our patients today. Here at Nature Quest we proudly run one of Oregon’s longest standing Medical Marijuana Clinics. We are ready and able to help anyone with any medical ailments in need of treatment. Check out our 1st Step Clinic Tab to find out more information. To honor those patients who continuously shop/renew with us we offer them 20% off RSO and FECO every Tuesday.

Many of our Patients rely on RSO/FECO to function regularly throughout their daily activities. Many Patients utilize the benefits of RSO/FECO to help them get a full nights sleep. This cannabis oil extraction process has changed many lives, although, we cannot officially say it has. Many of us Patients KNOW it has helped us in one way or another to get through rough times. It is extremely potent, proving time and time again its effectiveness. You probably only want to drop a little bit into your tea or a tiny drop on your tongue if you have never tried RSO/FECO. Test the waters, learn its purpose and you will find it can help tremendously. Good thing we live in the times we live in where Cannabis is somewhat less of a taboo.

On that note its time to take your Daily Rip.