Our Daily Deals


Come to the Station for DEALS EVERY DAY!

Get 10% off for:

Veteran – thank you for your service!
Senior (55+) – seasoned smokers discount!
Commuter – drive across town & save!
1st Step Patient – our OMMP patients save $!
Review – leave an online review & save!

Our discounts can be stacked up to 25% per visit.

We offer LOYALTY STAMP CARDS! Get a stamp with every visit & TRIPLE stamps if you purchase the brand of the day! Fill your stamp card with 10 stamps for 15% off your next visit! Limit 25% per visit.


CBDiscovery Monday:

Every Monday we offer 10% off cartridges and 20% off all CBDiscovery products! Take a look at our live menu HERE to shop our current inventory! Place an online order to reserve your favorites!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing CBDiscovery on Monday’s!

Buddies/Patient Tuesday:

Every Tuesday we offer 20% off any Buddies Brand product! We carry a wide variety of Buddies products including extracts, drippers, cartridges, and even infused toothpicks! We also offer 20% off any 1g syringe of RSO every Tuesday! Click HERE to shop our menu now!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing Buddies brand or RSO on Tuesday’s!

WYLD Wednesday:

Every Wednesday we offer discounts on recreational WYLD products! We carry a HUGE selection of WYLD edibles! Shop our menu HERE too see the amazing flavors we have in stock! Our medical grade edibles are not included in this sale but are very affordable as well!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing WYLD brand on Wednesday’s!

Avitas/Hellavated Thursday:

Every Thursday we offer 10% off Avitas & Hellavated brand products! Avitas is one of our top tier producers and provides a majority of our top shelf flower! We also offer a big selection of cartridges from Avitas!!! Hellavated cartridges come in 1g and disposable! Selection may vary! CLICK HERE to heck out our live menu to see what is available today!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing Avitas/Hellavated brand on Thursday’s!

Foodie Friday:

Every Friday we offer 10% off all edibles! Up to 35% off Happy Kitchen Edibles! Excludes lowest marked items. We have a huge variety of edibles available! From gummies to chocolates and everything in between, we are sure to have the right edible for you! CLICK HERE to shop our menu for our current selection of edibles!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing Smokiez brand edibles on Friday’s!

Shatterday Saturday:

Every Saturday we offer 20% off our extracts!!! Excludes lowest marked items. We carry extracts at all price points from some of the best producers around! CLICK HERE to shop our menu now! Don’t forget to place a pick-up order to reserve your favorites!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing Hush/Exhale on Saturday’s!

Meraki Sunday:

Every Sunday we offer 10% off any Meraki Gardens purchase! Meraki Gardens is one of our top tier producers. Our purple shelf (top shelf) of flower consists mostly of Meraki’s incredible products! We also have a huge selection of Meraki Gardens prerolls daily! CLICK HERE to shop our amazing Meraki selection now!

Get 3x stamps for purchasing any Meraki product on Sunday’s!

Thank you for your continued loyalty!

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.