Anna C. joins Nature Quest Racing Crew!


“Anna was directing! She was a great pit crew!” – Loren Kruesi

On Saturday, September 14th our Assistant Manager and beloved Budtender, Anna C. joined us at Willamette Speedway to be a part of the Nature Quest Racing Crew! Anna has a small history with cars but had never worked on a car like Delilah before! Loren, the proud driver of #31, was excited to have Anna in the pit helping out!

Anna assisted with things like checking tire pressure and preparing Delilah to get back on the track! She says, “I had no idea what I was doing but I had a blast doing it!”

It is always a fun night out at the track! If you would like more information about Willamette Speedway or would like to attend an upcoming race, visit for more information!

Despite a couple dings, Delilah took 3rd in the Heat Race on September 14th 2019!

“For over a decade, I have been proud to represent to Cannabis Industry on race tracks locally and nationally. While we have some mainstream sponsorship, the bulk of our support comes from great cannabis companies such as Avitas, Smokiez, and of course Nature Quest and it’s DBAs, THC Recreation Station, 1st Step Clinic, CBD Express as well as Rocky Bottom Pharm.”

– Loren Kruesi, Driver of Delilah #31 and Owner of Nature Quest LLC
Currently in 4th place for Points!
See the current standings here: