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$14 Medical
$16.80 Recreational


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Take the high road!

Taste the difference!

Mule Extracts Granulated Cannabis Sugar is now available at The Station!

Try it in your coffee, in/on your treats, or straight on your tongue!

This organic sugar is infused with Cannabis Essential Oils and Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

The sugar we have in stock is infused with Purple Wildfire by Alter Farms which gives a mellow, balanced effect.

Each bag of Granulated Cannabis Sugar consists of 10 servings. Each serving is 5mg and can take up to 45 minutes to activate.

The net weight of one package is 42g/1.45oz.

We also have Mule Kicker Gummies!
Try the new Peachy Sativa!

Full Spectrum,
Single Strain,
Cannabis Gummies!

These Mule Kicker gummies are 50mg each and are marked to be cut into 10 doses if you prefer to microdose! They are available in three varieties! Try the Indica Dominant Twisted Citrus, or Sativa Dominant Raspberry Pomegranate and the new Peachy! Our vegan friends can enjoy these gummies thanks to the use of Pectin! Come get them while they last for only $7.20 before tax! Take a look at our menu to place a pick-up order and reserve your favorite!

About Mule Extracts

“Mule Extracts knows that cannabis complete with its essential oils promotes health and enhances the user experience. One without the other results in less efficacy, and we strive for products that enhance the senses (organoleptic) and promote health (nutraceutical).

At Mule our passion and respect for the history and culture of the craft cannabis industry drives us to serve our consumers. Our goal is to cultivate and expand Oregon’s craft cannabis, and to support meaningful principles and organizations within our community. At Mule we are committed to sustainable practices in our craft and as well as beyond our industry. We always take the high road.

We hope to become the benchmark for craft cannabis processors across the industry. With our customer-first approach and meticulous attention to quality we aspire to provide the greatest product experience on the market.”

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