As you know, we honor some of our favorite vendors with our “Vendor Days” and offer discounts on their products as well as 3x stamps on your loyalty stamp card toward 15% off!

We have recently made a couple changes!

We are now celebrating Buddies Tuesday’s! Get 20% off and 3x stamps for Buddies Brand products. We carry a variety of their cartridges, their dabbable drippers, and their always affordable extracts! Check out our menu for our current inventory!
RSO will continue to be $5 off every Tuesday!

We switched up Sunday’s too! Now, get Meraki Gardens products at a discounted rate for Meraki Sunday’s! Try any Meraki flower including their pre-rolled joints for 10% off all day! 3x stamps for purchasing Meraki! We have their flower on almost over shelf! Grams start around $4.50 on Sundays! Don’t miss it! Check out our menu to see what’s on the shelf!

About Meraki Gardens

Meraki Gardens is a female owned, Clean Green Certified cannabis farm who is all about positive vibes, sustainability, and growing high quality cannabis. Sustainability and growing “green” is at the core of what this farm is all about! They use a soil mix that comes from self sustained sources and nutrients that contain items like kelp, fish meal, and bat guano, all from healthy plants and from areas that cultivate these items rather than stealing from depleted habitats like the rain forest. Meraki Garden’s facility also uses solar panels and because they worked with Energy Trust of Oregon while doing their build out, they use 50% less electricity with their lighting layout. Their flower is definitely some of the tastiest on the market. They use an intensive 14 day flush and each strain is given a 30 day cure to ensure optimal taste, flavor and smoothness. We look forward to keeping our shelves stocked with Meraki Garden’s flower! Check out this recent article about Stacy and her awesome farm!

About Buddies Brand


“With our decades of collective experience in the Industry, we know that the quality of our product is only as good as the quality of the flower going in.  We own our own farms and work directly with our growers to get the best flower that not only looks good, but has the right genetics to get the results you ask for.  These pictures are from our own real farms!  Then we use our Patent Pending extraction processes to manufacture the best oil and extracts.   We can trace every lot and batch directly back to the flower we held in our own hands.”

-Buddies mission statement

Learn more about Buddies Brand by visiting!