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The MagicalButter machine is the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor™, designed for creating fantastic recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more!


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The following is from an unsolicited email regarding a client’s first impressions of the MagicalButter Machine.

“I wanted to let Nature Quest LLC know my first impressions regarding the MagicalButter Machine I purchased from them.

The bottom line is that it works like a champ…. very simple to setup, operated AND a breeze to clean.

Decarboxylated my AC/DC as per the MagicalButter instructions (30 minutes at 250F) using a turkey roasting bag. I then put the AC/DC in the freezer of a couple of hours.

My first attempt was using coconut oil… As per the MagicalButter instructions for “Cooking Oil”, 3 cups of coconut oil, 42 grams of my AC/DC “trim” and 3 tablespoons of lecithin. I ran the system as per their instructions for cooking oil, 1 hour at 160 F. Please note, the lecithin is very important. Don’t leave this out of the recipe.

I get my coconut oil from Winco in their bulk foods area. Betterbody Foods, Organic Coconut oil, 56 fl oz, for about $14. Best price I could find. I get my lecithin in bulk from Life Source for about $10/lb in granular form. I need to check at Winco.

After my first attempt I did find some “sediment” in the bottom of the container that I used to strain and hold the results. The MagicalButter system includes the MagicalButter 190 micron “Purify Filter 190” strainer and the MagicalButter “LoveGlove”, a 100% silicone glove. Heat resistant up to 250°F. The filter and glove are very easy to clean, I hand wash with a bit of dish washing soap and warm water.

It is my feeling that this sediment is a result of my trim being very fine to start with. MagicalButter suggests NOT grinding your “botanicals” but putting your buds in whole.
My next attempt will be using whole buds and I will see if there is still some sediment. I am guessing I still will find a bit of sediment but I believe this is normal.
Most tincture and oil infused “botanicals” I have used suggest you stir/shake prior to use so likewise for best results you should stir prior to use.
It should be noted that coconut oil starts to solidify at 76F and unsalted butter will start to solidify around 90F so it might be best to stir your results a few times as it starts to solidify.

I did have a couple of questions and had them answered very quickly by MagicalButter support folks.

I wanted to know what the 190F and 220F temperature setting were for.
Those are for making “non-infused” recipes like soups and sauces.

The MagicalButter “Owner’s Manual” does mention extending cooking times and I asked about that and about using higher temps. According to them, you can extend the cooking time and that will give a better yield but it is hard to know by just how much. Only by having your results tested can this be determined.

The person I talked to did say that when using cooking oil and specifically coconut oil one can “up the temperature” to 190F but indicated that was an absolute maximum since anything above 190F will start to break down the oil. I will stick with the 160F setting.
Also the person I talked to said under no circumstances should temperature be higher then the 130F lowest setting when using grain alcohol. Higher temperature settings will evaporate off too much of the alcohol.

We also talked about the MagicalButter Decarboxylate instructions in their Owner’s Manual and the person I talked to indicated it was very important to do this process in a sealed container AND to cool the decarboxylated result in the freezer. Magical Butter mentions a “DecarBox” in their decarboxylate instructions. This is a MagicalButter product BUT they will not have them available till early 2016.
Since we were on the topic of Decarboxylation, the person I talked to told me that under no circumstances should you bake anything above 325F… she used Brownies as an example. Most “non-infused” Brownie recipes will instruct you to bake at 350F… all the Magical Butter recipes will tell you to bake at 325F for a recommend “extended” amount time. Baking at 350F will destroy the effects of the cannabis.

My big “take away” from talking to MagicalButter was to read their Owner’s Manual and follow it to the letter.

Finally, pay attention to MagicalButter’s “IMPORTANT NOTE” at the bottom of every page on their web site and on the box it comes in.

Please be aware and have no relationship with our company and are NOT AUTHORIZED RESELLERS. Products sold on and are likely illegally diverted and therefore may be refurbished, reconditioned, non-working demonstration models, or counterfeit. Additionally, they may not be safe to use or perform as anticipated. This policy is to ensure customers get our quality product, excellent customer service, and warranty support.

Many Thanks for letting me know about this great product and for being an authorized MagicalButter dealer.”

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