Marijuana Edibles – Cannabis Foods

2nd Step Dispensary has a huge selection of Marijuana Edibles products.



The MagicalButter Machine New at Nature Quest LLC’s 2nd Step Dispensary

Cannabis foods (including hash brownies and space cakes), more informally known as edibles, are food products made with cannabis in herbal or resin form as an ingredient. They are consumed as an alternate delivery means to experience the effects of cannabinoids without smoking or vaporizing cannabis or hashish. Instead, the cannabinoids are put into cake, cookie, brownie, or other foods, and are consumed for recreational or medicinal purposes.

One of our 2nd Step Dispensary products are Smoothies. We offer OMMP card holders Smoothies they can consume at our location or the ingredients to make their own at home.

Soon on this page we will have step by step instructions to make our Smoothies.

Please take a look at “The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis”. This is an excellent introduction into the world of juicing cannabis.



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